Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rosie's Flower Basket Quilt

Left over block

          Rosie's Quilt                             

The above block is a ‘left over’ block that came from a quilt that I slept under when visiting a friend of mine in Indianapolis a couple of years ago. I loved this quilt as it gave me a great feeling of homeliness. The quilt was made by a friend of her aunts in the 1950’s and Rosie Treasurers it very much. I decided that I would make one the same, same colours or as close as I could get to the same. That was harder then it we thought, but I did get the green which is the exactly the same shade of green which is in the quilt. The plain homespun for the basket is as close as I could get, which in my view works very well.
I have been working on this quilt since 2006. I have made 10 baskets and handle to match. All of the centres of the flowers I have finished and started on the flowers. I don’t mind doing the flowers as it is interesting choosing the fabrics and colours to go together.

I am hoping to work on these blocks for at least 2 hours per day. Hopefully I can.

So far this month I have done this basket to the left. I still have a way to go with it. The block will look great when the white background is done and the green surrounds.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is so pretty! I look forward to seeing it progress. I'd love to see the ten laid out together!

Mama Spark said...

BEAUTIFUL, but WAYYYYYYYY too much work for me! LOL.

dq said...

Those baskets age GREAT! I love that it is a little different from the other ones.

Saira Malik said...

love this idea!Very colorful and fun!Great design.
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