Sunday, March 27, 2011

First update

Thanks for inviting me to join you! I am currently working on a Granma's Flower Garden with 3/4" hexagons. No two pieces of the flowers are the same, while the dividing paths and borders will be the tan you see and a green that isn't cut yet. I have this, plus around 900 more unbasted hexagons, 32 more flowers, and around 300 more basted hexagons. It has turned into a collaboration, because my Mom just took the basted hexagons to assemble - she was out of handwork to do at her quilting guild and doesn't like to tote her sewing machine with her. That would be the 32 flowers not in the picture, and she wants more to do already! I promise not to count her hours towards my goal.

I get my pieces from Paper Pieces, and the fabric is from my stash and scraps, and two quilt guild's scraps and donations. For the half Hexagons I will need to straighten the borders, I am downloading the shapes to cut out from I do not baste through the paper, I baste around the edge of the fabric and cinch it up on the paper. I work the paths onto the flowers as I go so I don't end up with a big boring bit at the assembly.

I have been working on this since late 2006, but I had to take a year off because of cataracts and the surgery to correct them.

The picture was taken with the pieces laid out on top of my last knitting project being blocked out. I figured with the space cleared and the cat locked out of the room, it was as good a time as any.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Momma's Truckin!

I'm so excited about my progress on my hexagon quilt! Check out my pile of blocks!!
I also have a few blocks that are already stitched together.. I had to see how things were going to work when I started to stitch the blocks together.. pretty cool! So I'm getting really close to making a quilt top now.. Yippee!! I have a few more blocks to make, and then I will lay it out, and make sure I don't have any flowers that are the same next to (or too close to) each other. Stitch it together. After that, I will have to make the partial blocks that will fill in the edges.. making it all square. SO very excited everyone.

Now, I'm loving this so much, and seeing so many hexagons all over the internet, that I am ready to make ANOTHER hexagon quilt!! Nutz right? Well, I'm considering a very special kind of hexagon quilt. I want to make a fussy cut hexagon quilt. 1 1/2" sides.. the same as I'm using now, nice and big... But I want to have them be fussy cut so that cute pictures or nice designs turn out on each hexagon, and each hex in the quilt is different!! I think that it will be such a fun and exciting quilt for a grandchild (someday) to cuddle up under. Do you remember snuggling under a crazy quilt or scrappy quilt at grandma's house, and looking for that favorite piece of fabric? That is what I can envision them doing. Today I went to Walmart and hit the clearance fabric and found some cute character prints. I have them in the washing machine now. I hope to find some other people who are interested in doing the same thing.. so that I can exchange hexagons with them.. and we can all exchange some wonderful fussy cut hexagons, or fabulous fabric make that special quilt!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Update More Hexagons

Before we went away  I cut what I thought was enough fabric for the white background  and enough of the floral prints to make the flowers  to do me for a month. I also cut enough cardboard templates to last me the same amount of time. We had a couple of rainy days so I could just and stitch the fabric onto the cardboard and then sew them together.
I thought that I would try and get at least one finished basket with background done, but that wasn't to be. I did do enough Hexagons to make a basket but my concentration isn't the best as I just sat and joined and then when I though that I had done enough to fit into a space on the basket they just wouldn't fit. I had to fit them onto another basket so now I have a few baskets all up to the same stage and no baskets finsihed. Anyway I used all the fabric up that I had cut and now have to cut some more, a job I really do not like.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March update

Last night, while listening to Star Trek movies, which I pretty  much know by heart, but they are like comfort food, I made some progress on my hexies.  There are no holes around the edges any more!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Only a little progress...

I don't have a lot of time to contribute to this project monthly, but I did get a little bit accomplished.  I only finished 1/3 of my goal for the month, oh well.  Below is what it looked like the first of February.
Since then I've added another flower and filled in a little background.  The extra flower, however, was already done.