Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hexagons to triangles quilt

I finished this quilt a couple of years ago. It's made of black hexagons surrounded by mixed coloured half hexagons. I puzzeled the half hexagons so that it seemed like triangles in between the black hexies.

You have to study it closely to understand how I did it. The hexagons are about 1 1/2". All the hexies are hand sewn, and hand quilted. Take a closer look at the quilting in the next picture.

Hope this can inspire you to use all your small scraps, and make a real beauty out of them.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Pieced Hexies

I have been playing with Pieced Hexies lately...

Both in preparing for a demo at our monthly Hexie Night at my LQS:

Made with yummy Cherrywood Fabrics!

But also because I signed up for Mickey's Craftsy class that also had 2 more hexie designs :)

This is an 18" block which will be made in to a cat mat. I still need to decide what hexie-something-or-other to add to the corners to liven it up a little more.

The red fabric has hexies on it!
 Yesterday was my HeLP for Hexie-aholics linky party on my blog...I hope you'll stop by for a look see!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Half hexagon project

This is my ongoing project with blue, green and black scraps. I've done some blocks the last week, and like to show you all.

Here is how I do it. First I cut paper templates. Then I cut the fabrics about 1/4" outside the edges of the paper. I sew the fabric around the paper, but do not sew through. That way I can use the paper again and again, as long as the shape is good. The edges of the hexagon templates are 1".

At last I make a block out of four half hexagons, as you can see in the last picture, and join the block to the quilt as I like the colours to be. Gives me a sort of a chevron pattern, and I've never seen anybody else doing it this way. Have you?

I've thought about making the colours the opposite way, the blue and green in the middle. Think that would have given me a butterfly row instead of a black zigzag. I have to try that next time.