Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mommarocks progress

I laid out all of my blocks today on the floor to see my progress so far. I still have a long way to go, but it was nice to see that I have more done than I thought I did. It looks all just red in the picture, but if you zoom in you can see so much more. There are so many different patterns of reds and maroons, and brights etc. I'm really excited about it. I have lots of blocks to do still, and then of course I have to quilt it.
For the quilting, I have a plan as well. The yellow circle will be the center of a big ol flower. The red will all be a nice big flower leaf. The greens will all be a leaf that I designed. I will turn the leaf up, down, left, up, down, left as it goes across the quilt. Not so sure about the white block. Still stuck on deciding what to quilt there.. maybe just outline the block.. I'm up for suggestions though...anyone??


Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous laid out like that!

Anna said...

Beautiful colors!!