Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I know it doesn't look like much....but finding some black low value darkish patterned fabric took some time...Monet's City  is now on my Design Wall ( as Sleigh Bells Ring is layered on my dining room table ready for pin basting).

this fabric just arrived and I have been cutting hexies to fill in along my older black prints......trying this and that and unsewing and resewing and 

well, you get the picture!

The French Writing hexies should fit in right off the top black spaces to be surrounded by water lily rosettes....
I had a bit of William Morris Revisited from a charm Pack and am planning on rosettes coming off this line and at corners also to spread it out ... like:

this-- and on the two opposing sides----- the long strips of French Writing ...

 A whole lot of basting going on here and...............

here and another box full too....so I have been working slowly but steadily toward what I hope will work to surround the inner city....this is a real puzzle for sure!  The only new fabric not in my stash is the one above--all else is Stashmania!! LOL

I hope you are finding time to visit Hexagonia too...hugs, Julierose La Blageuse

P.S.  i would love to do that Milleflora Hexalong--but am still enmeshed in my Inner City--just so many hexagons I can sew at a time and keep straight--sort of...haha)

2015 BOM for Hexagon Lovers

Directions for the start of the 2015 Katja Marek Millefiore Quilt Along are in the .pdf link. This is going to be one awesome quilt! You do need the book The New Hexagon by Marek, but some blocks in the QAL will be different. Paper Pieces is making up packets of the proper pieces about a month before each section comes up. I'd like to see it, if any of you join this QAL.

This is NOT your Grandmother's Flower Garden! LOL Think more of taking those rosettes and putting them in a kaleidoscope to see what happens to them! She does show a layout in the .pdf guidelines that gives an idea of the separations of rosettes. If you look at the paper pieces, though, you see that each hexagon in the guidelines is probably a rosette of some kind all by itself, such as the ones to the left here.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Back From the Territories!!!

Hey all you Hexies!!!  Where have I been?  Well I have NOT been blogging.  I'm a bad bad bad Blogger!!  But well, it's my intention to do better.  So far, I continue making my "petals" but then I went to the Houston Quilt Show and bought this book.   It helped me find my stride and I've taken time away from "petal" production to begin to bring things together.....

That last diamond I think is NOT going in - the one that's all Reproduction fabrics - I have a bit of a collection of Reproduction Fabrics so I think I'll save that diamond for another project....It just doesn't meld with the others and I have so many other fabric choices that I think will do better in the mix.

Now I do really really hope that I'll get my Hexie Posting back on track.

Oh yes, I think here is a good place to wish everyone "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays"....hope y'all enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

November Catch Up

A bit late but was terribly busy last month. Here are the flowers I managed to make as of 12/4:

 Winter will find me more in the living room keeping warm so I should get a few more done. Also, my Mom is having surgery, so there will be a lot of wait time to fill in there also.  And on other hexie news, I was kept busy finishing :
This was the hexi piece I was given.  I appliqued it to a background .

Here is the back.
This went into a mystery box for our guild.  I'll have to make myself one.  Another for the Hexie Wish List.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My November hexies

Here is my November report, and I'm so happy to have finished part 1 on my mini La Passion.

The other La Passion has got 2900 hexies already. Please visit Grit to find the pattern. It's always possible to join the fun.

My pile of stars is growing, and these are numer 19 and 20.

Then I have the two different half hexagon projects. They are slowly growing, six blocks every month. That way I won't get bored and put them in a plastic bag.

As always you'll find more about all these quilts on my blog.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


I've spent the week since last we chatted (lol), figuring out how to fill in my edges in  and with what fabrics.  Finally--ta-da--I saw the Light (house...hahaha). (DH collects them...)

On this side and its opposite I filled in with black/tan prints--can you see them????
 so that the serrated edge is even....
On this side in front  I used this field of flowers print that I found (rather ransacked) out of  my stash...they are only pinned as I am in the process of sewing them all in after cutting and papering them--four sides each--takes a while and I don't want to turn them the wrong way either...(so, lots of "ouch!" being heard as I get pricked while sewing.  )Keeps me awake in the evenings when I sew...

and here is something really pretty:  my two Christmas Cacti --both in the same pot getting ready to put on their show--a bit early--but it's been SO GREY here that I am happy to see that color blazing.

Last evening my DH retired early as he has thrown his back out moving our ride-on lawn mower into its winter resting place--and I went into my room and cut more freezer papers and ironed them onto more blue lagoon batik hexies to add somehow...this is really all so "by the seat of my pants" sewing.  BUT I am so enjoying it. ;--))))

I hope you all had or are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday....
A big hexie-hug from Julierose, La Blageuse

Sunday, November 23, 2014


All the edges of Monet's City ended up differently--some with two spaces some with one; i am puzzling out how to set this one up...I want to make this center piece on point and work out from there.  
I cut the extra black hexies to fill in and hopefully will work out from there...and so it goes when you didn't start with a "PLAN" (note to self--draw a plan BEFORE you start!!).

I hand basted all of these this week and some of these:
But I really didn't like how they looked filling in and moving outward --I had laid them all out and kept on walking by and knowing that something wasn't right.....

I don't have any of the original black print left so I am going to use these....
this afternoon I will be basting ....and auditioning.....

And that is my "take one step forward, take a big step backward" PROGRESS (????) this week.  
Hugs from Hexagonia, Julierose La Blageuse