Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Hexagon Progress.. Top Complete!!

I stitched my last hexagon.. well, on this quilt top anyhow. I have loved doing the hand work! It is so nice to sit in the evening and have some handwork to keep my hands occupied. Today I added a light brown border to the left and right hand sides with a blanket stitch (and my sewing machine), It is supposed to look like a flower garden box. I will use the same material to bind the quilt. Next I will be making the back of the quilt. I am using white fabric for the very bottom. Above that I will be using 4"x12" blocks of red, green and an occasional yellow. Then the rest of the quilt back will be white. I have saved a few left over pieces of red and green that were so kindly shared with me and I don't want them to go to waste. I cut them into squares thinking I would need them as hexagons. I am going to make them into appliques of flower petals and leaves that match the quilting that I am doing on the quilt. I am going to applique these onto the quilt on the turn down area of the quilt on the white of the back. I still have quite a long way to go, but it sure feels great to have this much finished. It feels like a great accomplishment!


Yesterday the weather was nice so that I could sit outside and add some flowers to my Grandmothers flower garden tablecloth. One light colored flower to make :)
My hexagons are 3/4".
I will sew on the next nice day when I can sit outdoors.
 ( not today, it's raining :(