Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Hexi BOM ~

Not much hexi-ing done this month since I've been making up 3 of my 'Dream Trees' for someone, like this one below - the other two are on my current blog post if your interested in looking.
There's an owl hiding in this one, a hedgehog, butterfly and some subtly hidden turquoise gems in the other two.

Anyway having called a halt to work on these trees, the penny dropped it was Julys month end and I hadn't started on my hexi BOM!
So a frantic hexi session and this is the result, crappy pic sorry!
Mine is a vanilla and fudge '99' cornet.
All that means is that it has a Cadbury's chocolate flake stuck in it : )
I'm stitching my blocks onto white on white fabric, so had to have vanilla and fudge ice cream.
It might have been strawberry and vanilla if I could have found some suitable pink fabric in my stash, but time was of the essence lol

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Everybody is making so many lovely projects

And I'm still just making my 'petals'!  So I have NOT posted - but now I feel I must make an accounting of myself!  Not long ago someone posted their Hexagon Project Box.  Last weekend I covered a Cream Cheese box and thought of putting pens in it.  Then it occurred to me....Hexagon or 'Petal' box!!!

so here I'll show my new little pretty box.  I do apologize for not being a better photographer.....

Now here is my 'Petal' collection to date:

These are the neutrals......I don't really like brown and beige all that much.......

These are patterned fabric 'petals' - mostly from my scrap bag.

This is my little box a Purplish 'Petals'  I definitely need more of these, I LOVE purple!

These are my warms and my cools.

And lastly these are my greens in lite, medium and dark......that will be employed in my project of my mind!

just to refresh the memories of anyone interested: this is a small mock-up of what I'm trying to accomplish.....a color wash perhaps of lite to dark green background hexies with flowers of different colors running throughout.  This photo is just a small sample of what I'm trying to make.  When I really make the project it will be much larger and go from very light greens to very dark greens gradually across the quilt on the diagonal.  I am in the process of amassing as many green 'petals' in all shades of green as I possibly can for extreme diversity and scrappiness.  Also what I want is dark flowers on the light green part - medium shade flowers on the medium green part and then light flowers on the dark green part.  Oh I sure hope I'm making myself clear, 'cuz I'm not too sure if I am!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Snowflake Report

Here I am after two weeks. I was as busy as a bee :) look at my snowflake. I am piecing the third row. I´m sorry, I didn´t count the hexies, but I can make 100 a week without problems (I still have hollidays).

Some of you ask me about the pattern, so here is picture from pinterest:
Somebody found it on, it´s a design for Math-Art T-Shirt, but it´s a mathematical curve, look at wikipedia. This picture was enough for me to colour the hexagon grid and start to piecing.
It´ll be great to make all four rows, but I´m not sure to have enough fabrics.  So goodbye and check my progress after next two weeks.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My friend Nelli's "La Passion"

The colors are even more beautiful when you see it.  Our local quilt shop in Naples FL has a free sit and sew on Fridays.  Nelli and I are the only one's who love working with hexagons.
Colors are off in this picture. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hexagon Gift

I was in It's Sew Mary Jane, a nearby quilt shop which has just moved across the street from it's old location. While there, I was chatting with another shopper about scraps and she said she'd finished a GFG and never intended to make another hexagon project ever.

Of course, I mentioned that I have three in different sizes going on and love to do them. She informed me that she had a bag of papers at home and asked if I wanted them. Not being as dumb as a rock, I said of course. She left right that minute, drove home, got them and returned with them in about 15 minutes. Talk about wishes being fulfilled! She handed me a gallon baggie filled with ... well here, look.

The Bag:


What's inside:


There are, at rough estimate, 2000 paper pieces, some never used. These are all one inch hexagons. There are also 25 plastic ones with the hole in the middle and the straw, unopened. Additionally, 3 plastic hexagon templates to cut my own, in different sizes. I guess I'm going to have a fourth project, made with the size that 50% of our poll respondents prefer!

On top of that, I broke down and ordered more 1-1/4" and 2" papers for two of my projects. So there WILL be more hexagons coming forth soon. In fact, on Thursday afternoon (was that just YESTERDAY?), I basted six of one and half a dozen of another for flowers to show next Wednesday. Finally!

Marmalade Quilt

Hex on the Beach

 I enjoyed hand piecing this while traveling in cars, planes and ships.  Pattern and fabric by Tula Pink.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Snowflake report

Second round is finished. It´s totaly  263 hexies, it means 136 new ones from last week. I like the result, it could be repeated as a big block, but my pattern needs one more blue row.

My June hexies

A bit late, this is a report on my hexies made in June.

This month I managed to sew four stars.

My La Passion passed 2400 hexagons, and I'm so happy with this. Just now we are more that 250 persons from around the world sewing Grit's pattern.

Six more butterflies joined the others on this half hexie quilt.

This miniquilt is a summer work, and it got four new flowers in June. The hexagons are 1/4", really tiny.

You can always find more about these hexie projects on my blog.

Friday, July 11, 2014

It is coming together

Here is the progress of my hexagon quilt. I decided to start putting my diamonds together.  I have about 13 diamonds, several center flowers, and several small rows of cream all ready to be sewn into this quilt. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Snowflake report

Her I am with my Monday report. I managed to make 90 hexagons (10 behind my limit). The fabrics is a special cotton with the shiny pattern in the waves. We call it Damask here and it ´s often used for bed linen. Not very good for hand piecing, but I have plenty bought by weight at our local shop. The pattern is from pinterest and it´s Koch snowflake curves. Puce science, I think :). See you next week, I´m cutting next ones.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hexagon Pincushion Tutorial

If you haven't visited Bonnie Hunter's site, you have missed lots of good quilt patterns, books and ideas. Many of them are free, such as the hexagon pincushion I've linked here. Bonnie's pictures make her tutorials easy for any level of quilter to follow. This tutorial is not about how to do the hexagons, but about how to make the pincushion. That's okay, we all know how to make the hexagons, right?

Bonnie mentioned in her post that they would make great mug rugs, too. I'm sure you can think of many ways to use hexagons made into blocks like this. Have fun, and investigate all the other wonderful things on Bonnie's site, too.