Sunday, May 15, 2011

Secret Project

It isn't that I'm not doing this month's hours. It is a present, though, so I cannot post the picture just yet. Working out well, but I am reminded that while I do patchwork just fine, I am a rotten quilter. I'm going to have to take some lessons from Momma instead of always relying on her doing the quilting for me.

I have decided that 3/4 hexes are as small as I'm going to go on any project larger than a pin-cushion. 1/2 hexes are just too much work.

Did finish a non-hex project that has been hanging over my head, and my gardening, too. This gives me the freedom to work on my hexes without the accompanying guilt. This should increase my speed greatly.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly

Slowly, slowly, slowly I am getting there, one stitch at a time.
Now Easter is over, the children are back at school, and visitors have gone home I can get back to my hexagons.
I have been sitting in my lounge room, that room faces the direct west, great in the winter no so good in the summer, anyway I have taken up my winter seat. Sitting in the lounge room in the sun doing my hexagons from 3pm when the sun comes through the window until approx 5pm when the sun disappears behind the trees. Now those trees use to be shorter but over time, they have grown and grown so instead of getting the sun later in the day I have to settle for 2 hours sun per day. I would sit outside but it is too windy.

I have been attaching my templates to the fabric, some green and some white. I also have to cut some more fabric for the flowers and all that takes time. I really would like to have all the flowers finished and sewn into the baskets. Adding the white background and the green surrounds would be great for show and tell next week.