Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One Wonderful Wednesday Flower

Just barely got it finished to post today! There is either some special draw to bird fabrics lately, or else there are a lot of cute bird novelty prints being made. I realized this is my fourth bird (one is still just cut outs) and I have two more bird fabrics! I love cardinals, and there are LOTS of them here in east Tennessee - at least in my neighborhood - so I had to have this fabric.

These are 1.25" hexagons. I have been reading a lot about gluing the fabric to the papers. That doesn't appeal to me, but the theory is that it's a little faster and there are no holes in the hexagon papers. Today, I timed my basting. I DO baste through the paper, and the papers are reused many, many times before they fall apart. The actual basting time for each petal is between 45 and 90 seconds, depending on how fumble-fingered I am. So, max, that's 9 minutes. I think I will not glue, because the mess I would make would surely take more than 9 minutes, and I'd rather have holes in my paper than glue on it.

I'm putting another poll on the sidebar. Anyone who is an author or reader is welcome to vote in the poll. It will be up for one week. Blogger has been somewhat of a pain all day. The poll may not show up correctly. Let me know if it doesn't.

Linking this post to Journey of a Quilter for April 30 One Flower Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

fussy cut hexagons

 Here are two of my fussy cut hexagons.  I enjoyed playing with the fabric and creating some pretty flowers.  I actually put one of them on my locker at work. 

This is my cat Angel.  she enjoys getting on my quilts

Whoop Whoop I've found my way in!

Many thanks to Susan for opening the door here and letting me in for a chat ~

Below is my April Hexi BOM 2014 and the good news is,
that it's almost May and the next months block should be
released shortly!  yeahhh!

I haven't chatted on here before, so maybe I should introduce myself.
My names Lyn and my day job is to devise and make tactile educational resources for visually impaired children.
I have always been creatively inclined and the job I have allows me to use most of the skills I have picked up, so I'm lucky I know.
I make everything from brailled, tactile reading books, 3D models, pre school toys to Topic Boxes - sheer hell as you can imagine lol

On the basis that professional therapy is blummin' expensive,
I thankfully, manage my therapeutic needs by being creatively busy
 - well okay,
the evening ( 'sundowners' ) gin and tonics help a bit too!

I contracted hexi-itus early last year after seeing SO many wonderful hexi quilts online and at shows.
It struck me down with a vengeance and now I leer at dresses that walk past me, thinking if I could get my hands on the fabric,
what fabulous hexis I could make from it them!
I dare say that's one of the symptoms right?
Gosh I hope so, otherwise it might mean I'm going crazy!!

I began making a quilt in scrappy hexis, 42 across the width and got about 3' done and then packed up to move house.
Now I'm happily in the new home -
 I have absolutely NO IDEA where that hexi UFO is!
Realistically it should be here somewhere,
but I haven't been able to find it,
so I have had to start over again with a new design.

I have started at the centre this time, not sure if that's the best way to do it, but I'm not following a pattern as such, so will see where it takes me.
I'm using batiks and white on white pathways, here's a few more

I am using some of the hexi soupcon shapes that I saw on Karen's blog
Fairies and Fibres, for the top of the bed area at least.
But I hope to let the fabrics I use suggest to me, what to do next.
Here's a few more ~

I will nip back in and update you on how it's going later, but your more than welcome to drop in to see what else I'm involved in making or to see my Jan/Feb/Mar BOMs too at ~

Happy hexing folks : )


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sarah's Update

Hey all - Sorry to have been a slacker :(

I've been busy with several projects lately. I've made some progress on oldies but goodies and I started some new ones for the Hexie Club at my LQS but I also started a new project just for me!

I finally started a Patchwork of the Crosses quilt!!

I've been dying to do it for some time and I finally found just the perfect fabric. Now I'm collecting coordinating fabrics, keeping in mind that the paisley will be in every block and there will be a red for the squares in the sashing. My colors will be red, gold, green, brown and cream.

Follow my slow POTC progress on my blog :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One More Week in April!

One more week in the month of April to get a post in so you won't be removed as an author of the blog. Anyone can read it, still, just not write posts on it. These are the people I have who have posted since October, 2013:

Vera (Verpa)
Marcia (Mommarock)
and me, Desertsky (Susan)

It's alright if you don't want to author on here any more, no harm, no foul. If you do, however, and your name isn't on the list, please put a post up before midnight, April 30, telling what your current hexagon project or dream is. Or three or four. I'm never one to limit myself to just one thing.

In the meantime, check out the post about this beauty by clicking on the picture. Beatrice is from Germany, I believe, but sadly doesn't seem to blog any longer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flowers on my design wall

This is my small collection of flowers, some with green background added on and some without.  Sorry to all, I'm not great photographer.....but this is what's going on in my Hexagon World!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Wall Hanging

Did you remember my Valentine´s project with hearts? It has slowly turned into spring wall hanging quilt.  But I really like the colour combination and it´s great for Easter - Sping decoration. White areas are free motion quilted, so the flowers and the hearts are almost 3D.

The quilt was made to fit under the shelf in the dining area. It´s really yummy.

There is still one heart left, so I decided to make a simple bag with it. I´m going to share the result with you.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My newst hexy!!

Well mostly I've just been making more and more and more petals - and I've been distracted by other projects and went to a Quilt Expo in Mexico City and attended classes there on other techniques than hexagons.  Then I got pretty ill after my return.....still don't know what it is but it's playing havoc with my digestive track.....not fun!

BUT I looked in my hexagon kit and found a  flower that I don't think I've posted.  Plus I realize it's been a while since I've posted.  Then I read the most recent post about here I am to stake my claim to being part of this community!!

So I present to you a photo of my most recent flower......enjoy!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Housekeeping: Blog Writers

Hello, Everyone! My hexagons took a back seat this last couple of weeks, but I'll be back to it in time to post for next week. The autofocus on my camera is also not working, so I have no way to take a picture that isn't blurry. I am not the person who can focus the lens myself - that was my husband who could talk knowledgeably about f-stops and other gobbledegook!

I just realized that there are a number of people who haven't posted in a very long time - a year or more. Please post an update on your current hexagon project during the month of April, even if it is sort of in the UFO pile right now. Those who don't post this month, and who haven't posted since the beginning of October, 2013, will be removed as blog writers in May. Of course, the blog remains open for reading to everyone. If you are interested in joining the blog as a community member and posting here about your projects, please see the join page and leave a comment *there* not here.

Now for something pretty in the hexagon world: An Antique Hexagon Quilt from Wales. Every flower is outlined with beautifully done feather stitching. Here's just the tiniest peek, but go see a bigger view on A Quilter's Journal.