Monday, January 24, 2011

Half Hexagon Patterns

Someone, maybe Marcia, was looking for something to even out the edges of the quilt. Here's a free half-hexagon pattern and layout from Connecting Threads


Mommarock said...

It was me. I wanted to find out how to finish off the edges of my pattern. I don't want the edges of my hexie quilt to have that un-finished look. I just took a full hexagon and folded it over and then trimmed it down so that it fills that space. I still have to make a decision for the diamond along the other edge. Someone said to put a strip of long border all down the edge before attaching my final border so that it is filled in. I am thinking about options as I stitch.

dq said...

Hello Susan,

Please sign me up. I think I could work on it at least once a month like your goal. Besides, if you support the DOD Mystery, than I can certainly support your hexagon blog. It certainly will benefit me.

I think I'll start that goal in February.