Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January Progress for Mommarock

I love my Hexagon Quilt. I Really love it. I can't just stick to one project though. I see so many beautiful quilts out there, and I just want to try them ALL. I am a bit limited by both my equipment (no sewing machine) and my abilities (I am a beginner). So I do the best that I can.. and I try to learn a little bit from Blogland. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful bloggers out there and all of the infomation that they share. If it weren't for bloggers, I would be sitting home twiddling my thumbs. Instead, I have this to show.. so far...
I have a few tutorials on my blog about how I have done my hexagons and such.. you are welcome to stop on by.
my blog is
I have several more of my pattern blocks finished, I just havn't put them all together as I want to be able to spread the colors around on the finished quilt.


Anonymous said...

I love the diagonal greens. I hadn't noticed that before.

dq said...

I like your colors and love your layout. It will be beautiful.

There is a lot you can do without a sewing machine. We sewed sections of a Double Wedding Ring by hand in a round robin one year. It was actually easier to piece than a machine pieced one.