Friday, February 28, 2014

My February hexies

Time to look back on this month's sewing.  This is what I've been working with.

I've joined 5 blocks to this half hexagon quilt.

I've also joined 5 blocks to this one.

This is the February block from The Hexagon blog BOM. It was a fun block to sew.

Six flowers are joined to this flower garden. The hexies are only 1/4", really tiny. Read more here.

I passed 1900 hexies on my La Passion.

And the last one is this pouch with hexies. I loved making it.

You can read more about all these projects on my blog.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Wonderful Wednesday Hexagon ...

or parts for two, this time. A friend of mine, Kathleen D., sent some cute scraps to me to use for some of my projects. The birds don't all look like this, but since I have to depend on my phone camera, with my computer in the repair shop and using an old one with no disk slot, I took one picture, and it isn't very good:


The other one I basted today was little chicks:

For now, I'm making petals! I hope to have my computer back for next week's post.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just making "Petals" and storing them AND Starting to make flowers

 And the Darks these 3 first bins are for my background of my project in the photo below

 Various Colors
 Kaffe Fasset Fabrics and Neutrals
 More Colors
And some Flowers

So you see I am moving forward but really all I'm doing at this point is accumulating "PETALS"!!

Happy Hexagoning!!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday Hexagon

I know you won't be nearly as excited as I am by today's hexagon post. I found some of the black fabric I need!

I'm telling you, it really pays to do your taxes! th-1 Or at least prepare to do them. On the shelf of papers I was cleaning off were two of my terrific candy tins I'd forgotten about and, in one of them, were all the black and white fabrics I was using for this quilt. Well, not all of them, but enough to finish this as a table runner, I think!


And in case you forgot what "this" is, or are new to the blog, here's the project:


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday Hexagon

It's Fussy Cut Wednesday again!


Spiders are from Eric Carle's Very Busy Spider book and fabric still available from Over the Rainbow for $7.99/yd. Cute, don't you think? Or does it give you the creeps?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Newest Hexagon Project

This project is being created for my daughter for her wedding, which has already taken place. She didn't give me fair warning, so what is a momma to do. This is the pattern block, and it will just repeat with the blocks offsetting each other. I just love the colors!! I have a ways to go of course, but I am stitching as fast as my old creaky fingers will allow.

I have tried the Sewline Glue pen to glue baste the hexies, but I'm not so sure I like how I did it. My first try, I was applying it to the fabric around my tagboard shape. It was not the right plan. The fabric frayed, bunched and the Sewline Glue just seemed bulky. I really want it to move along faster. Let's try this again! I know there must be a better way.

According to the Sue Daley site I didn't want it to be right at the edge. I think (that doesn't happen often!) Try the glue on the paper!! Tadaa!! Just try to keep it from right at the very edge where you will be stitching so that you aren't stitching thru glue. It DOES come off. What I mean is that I was able to take the paper out of the fabric when I wanted to. I was nervous about that.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One Wonderful Wednesday Hexagon

Quite some time ago, posting on my desertskyquilts wordpress blog January 17, 2013, to be exact, I collected quite a few fabrics to fussy cut some hexagons. I chose 1-1/4" hexagons because I wanted to showcase these cute fabrics. I cut quite a few, basted two ... and got distracted by other projects.

Anyway, now that I can't work on my black star points hexagon until I find the black to make more star points, I decided it was time to do some of these, so I'd keep up with my goal of having something hexagony to post each Wednesday. (Is hexagony a word? You get it, though, right?)

This little guy comes into his own today, after more than twelve months of waiting!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scrappy Hearts

Now I´m in my little pink Valentine´s project. I don´t know if I manage to finish it in time, so I want to show you some parts - scrappy flowers and a heart (yes, it´s the same design recomended by Susan in July). The hexie size is about 2 inch. Maybe you like the heart and you´ve got some hexies ready. So, don´t hesitate to make one pink/red/purple heart and decorate your cushions, bags, wall-hanging quilt and so on. On February 14th I´ll show you my project.
Hi, Věra.