Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Review

Did I do it?? Yes I did even if I didn't count the flowers appliqued to the block. So here are my June flowers. One hour per flower plus one hour per block.

Here is 4 hours for my second block.


My third block- 4 more hours.


My fourth block for another 4 hours.

So 12 hours of EPP hexie flower delight even if I counted just the flowers I did 9 of them for 9 hours.
I did it!

I am linking to Hexagon Weekend by A Quilting Reader's Garden by Angie N., Life Under Quilt's Monday Morning Star Count by Jess and to One Flower Wednesday at Journey of a Quilter.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Well, hollidays begin and this is the best time to make hexa-snowflake. It´s my new summer project. I have white and blue cotton so it is two-colours project. This is the center and I really want to make 100 hexies every week. I am going to post wip report every Monday. Still no idea about the pattern, but I hope to finish all quilt till winter.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

June hexi BOM

heavens forbid ~ its almost July and there'll be another BOM!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June progress

Here are 3 diamonds that I have finished.   I have also gotten more hexies made, but I don't have them sewn together yet. 

81 flowers done!

I missed last weeks check in, but I am still here! I now have 81 flowers done and it feels really good to lay them out and play around a little bit.

One Wonderful Wednesday Flower

I can't believe it's Wednesday already again! But here is my finished hexagon, as promised. This might be the last one on this project for a while. I am not sure if I have one more set of paper pieces or not quite enough. But I have plenty of others to stitch! I did also do some black ones for the longest UFO hexagon project ever (1988!) to make setting triangles for the star points. (See Hexagon Alley blog button.) I imagine that's the one I'll work on next again.

I really wish there'd been a way to make those bugs march around in a circle, but there just wasn't with the zig-zaggy way they were on the fabric, and the angles of the hexagons. Still cute, and I'll keep it, though!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I thought I was going to finish this one this week, I really did. But it didn't happen, so a sneak peak of next week.

I kept thinking of these as snails, but guess what? They're bugs!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

300+ hexagons

My weekly success was working my way through all those papers I cut, and basted 300+ hexagons (thank goodness for the new season of Orange is the New Black!*). I also made quite the dent in my precut fabric, which is good, because I was starting to get tired of looking at it. That actually might become my biggest challenge - to not get tired of working on the same shape all the time. I might start another quilt just to give myself some variety. Is that cheating?

*I totally binge watched the entire season. I am also watching Restoration Home (a BBC show I can only find on youtube) and am enjoying it immensely.

Sarah's home hexie kit

I finally took some pictures of my home hexie kit, as opposed to my work hexie kit from last week.

Please hop on over to my personal blog to see more of my home hexie kit and one of my snoopervisers =^..^=

Hex On!

Friday, June 6, 2014

My May hexies

A bit late, but here it is. I managed to sew 200 hexies on my La Passion last month. Think I have to sew even more every month to finish this large quilt before I'm 80. More than 17000 hexies take a long time. Here I have 2300 of them. By the way, can you see the monster staring at you here?

I found an old hexie quilt too, and have decided to finish it this year, hopefully. I've just one more row, and to applique it to a background fabric. I've started, as you can see.

My two half hexie projects grow with six new blocks every month. The same pattern, but really different they are.

At last I've started some pretty stars. Six of them are done already. And I don't really know how many I will make in the end. But they are pretty, aren't they?

Now I've just started cutting the next hundred hexies for my La Passion.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hexies and TGIFF

Hello Hexagon Alley,

Just wanted to let you know I am hosting TGIFF (Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday) linky party starting today and tomorrow. You can get there by clicking HERE or THIS ONE.

I shared my recent hexies that I completed this week and mentioned joining our Hexagon Alley blog. So stop by for a visit and even link your finishes there.

(Of course this post wouldn't be complete until I add a little hexie flower)

Audrey @ Glory Be Quilter

Sarah's travel hexie kit

Through lack of planning on my part, I forgot to take photos of my stay at home hexie kit. I'll have to share that another day...

This is my travel kit, which basically stays at my work desk. I do bring it home on the weekend to restock.

The small zipper bag generally holds the smaller items (extra mini binder clips, Thread Heaven, bobbin of thread, scissors, etc) and fits in the bigger bag which also holds my thread dome (God's gift to hand work!) and bits for three projects: Value Proposition (bottom), Twisted Hexies (middle) and POTC sashing (right). I don't like to be caught without anything to work on!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Susan: So What Do I Have For the Week?

Something, but not much! I basted enough of these to make one flower and the center is basted, too, but that's as far as I got. Better luck next week!

My missing hexi cover is found!!

Last year I started a hexi top using scraps in vague colour waves, after being inspired by Michele's finished hexi cover here -

However I had to pack up to move house and all my belongings had to go into storage for about 3 months.
Once I moved in to my current haven, I unpacked and stashed my crafting gear in the loft, under my bed and in a weird triangular storage area in my bedroom.
But not a sign of the scrappy hexi cover was found.
I've since scavenged through boxes and containers several times and had almost convinced myself that I'd accidentally donated it some place.
But today, looking for my heat guns I found this box, which I thought was choc full of family photos ~ 


I now have 3 hexi covers on the go -
should keep me out of trouble at least!

Now isn't there a June hexi BOM due out about now for me to get stuck into too?

Plugging along

Time for my check in! I managed to sew 8 more flowers this week, for a total of 52. I keep looking at completed (or in progress) quilt tops on flickr and I am itching to start putting the flowers together. I know that I need to wait until my flowers are done though, since my design idea is very "go-with-the-flow" and if I start sewing flowers together now, the quilt won't be balanced.  I am going to start sounding like Dori from Finding Nemo soon... "Just keep sewing, just keep sewing".

My hexagon color choices were starting to run low, and making the flowers wasn't actually freeing up enough hexagon papers for me to really get a stash of hexagons going again. Last night I cut a little over 300 papers, so I am ready to go again. 

I used whatever 12x12 card stock I had on hand, so these papers are colorful ones. :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Hexi / Hawaiian Applique Kit

This is my hand sewing kit that has hexies and a Hawaiian appliqué block ready for those small moments to hand stitch.

This is what I use for EPP Hexies.

This is the Hawaiian needle turn appliqué I am working on.

I carry this bag with me work, on trips, around the house....

Audrey @ GloryBeQuilter

Productive hexi-ing : )

and gosh, its June already!