Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sideways on hexis?

This is my latest hexi shape I've been stitching.
I can't take credit for the shape, I saw it on Pinterest somewhere and quite fancied the idea of making several to go on my bed cover,
perhaps to run around the sides.
Of course now I have to make the little diamonds to fit in the centres of course or I may just applique them onto edgings.
Since my cover design isn't fixed, I will make a few until design inspiration strikes ~

 Oh and if your interested in vintage sail making tools and really, who wouldn't be lol - nip across to my blog and see the natty gadget I was given.
Oh yes and the twee little sewing box too!
Happy Hexing folks : )


tubakk said...

Thank you for giving me a new idea. Not that I needed it, but I'll have to try. Wait and see, but first I have to find some templates to find out if my idea is possible.

Mommmmmm! said...

I like the shape and I think I would leave the center empty and just appliqué like you mentioned.

That sewing box is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I look forward to seeing your design decisions, as you go.

A Nudge said...

Hey, I like that! and one can just put a diamond in the center. Neat.

Sarah said...

Great use for jewel shapes! Can't wait to see what you do with them next...