Monday, April 7, 2014

Housekeeping: Blog Writers

Hello, Everyone! My hexagons took a back seat this last couple of weeks, but I'll be back to it in time to post for next week. The autofocus on my camera is also not working, so I have no way to take a picture that isn't blurry. I am not the person who can focus the lens myself - that was my husband who could talk knowledgeably about f-stops and other gobbledegook!

I just realized that there are a number of people who haven't posted in a very long time - a year or more. Please post an update on your current hexagon project during the month of April, even if it is sort of in the UFO pile right now. Those who don't post this month, and who haven't posted since the beginning of October, 2013, will be removed as blog writers in May. Of course, the blog remains open for reading to everyone. If you are interested in joining the blog as a community member and posting here about your projects, please see the join page and leave a comment *there* not here.

Now for something pretty in the hexagon world: An Antique Hexagon Quilt from Wales. Every flower is outlined with beautifully done feather stitching. Here's just the tiniest peek, but go see a bigger view on A Quilter's Journal.


liniecat said...

that's such a lovely edging to have used on these hexi flowers!

Mariella said...

this is very lovely indeed!! an beautiful additional touch!!