Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One Wonderful Wednesday Flower

Just barely got it finished to post today! There is either some special draw to bird fabrics lately, or else there are a lot of cute bird novelty prints being made. I realized this is my fourth bird (one is still just cut outs) and I have two more bird fabrics! I love cardinals, and there are LOTS of them here in east Tennessee - at least in my neighborhood - so I had to have this fabric.

These are 1.25" hexagons. I have been reading a lot about gluing the fabric to the papers. That doesn't appeal to me, but the theory is that it's a little faster and there are no holes in the hexagon papers. Today, I timed my basting. I DO baste through the paper, and the papers are reused many, many times before they fall apart. The actual basting time for each petal is between 45 and 90 seconds, depending on how fumble-fingered I am. So, max, that's 9 minutes. I think I will not glue, because the mess I would make would surely take more than 9 minutes, and I'd rather have holes in my paper than glue on it.

I'm putting another poll on the sidebar. Anyone who is an author or reader is welcome to vote in the poll. It will be up for one week. Blogger has been somewhat of a pain all day. The poll may not show up correctly. Let me know if it doesn't.

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Hilachas said...

Beautiful flower. I like cardinals too.

Karen said...

Love the cardinals! So many in the garden this spring. I would rather have holes than glue too.

Mommmmmm! said...

This is such a fun flower!

liniecat said...

The Poll isn't displaying properly so I cant enter my two penneth worth lol
But like you, I reuse my templates and basting stitch through them too.
I don't bodge a hole in them either but once the basting stitches are out, they flip out fine.
I do tend to use a darning needle jabbed into the centre of the paper template and then just oic them out.
Love your cardinal fabric, perfect in hexi form !
We don't have them in Britain of course and am sure they must be a joy to see in the trees around you!

Grit said...

It is really a wonderful flower