Monday, March 31, 2014

My March hexies

I'm really addicted to EPP, and I can't resist a thing as long as it's about hexies. This month I've worked on my four WIPs. And I've started a new one, and finished one thing.

This zig-zag quilt has grown with five new blocks. More about it here.

Then I made the March block from The Hexie blog. Waiting for the next block tomorrow.

La Passion grows, but very slowly. I've joined another hundred hexies to it, and now I have 2000.
You can follow the progress on this EPP on my blog, and also find links to Grit, who made this pattern.

I made another hexie bag. These are so fun to make, and I think I'll do more of them later.

My butterfly quilt grew with six blocks. Funny that this is the same pattern as the zig-zag quilt.

Then I had to try BillieBee's stars. She had tempted me for a long time now, and I couldn't resist. And I already love the stars so much that I've thought about making them in different colours. I managed to make two green ones yesterday.

Hexies are fun and relaxing, and I recommend you to try. But you're probably already hooked since you are here at Hexagon Alley. You can find more about all these projects on my blog.


September Violets said...

Wow! You've been busy with the hexies, and I love all the different combinations you've created here. Everything is just amazing and hugely inspiring! Wendy x

Grit said...

All your EPP projects are so fantastic. I love them all.
Greetings Grit

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the colours you used on your zig-zag quilt.



Anonymous said...

What a lot of progress on everything you have going on. I love how you say slow progress on La Passion, but then you say 100 more hexagons were added. That's a lot in my book! Grit must be so excited to see yours growing! Love your little zippered bag, too. The stripe next to the zipper is a nice touch contrasting with the hexagon shapes.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

One of my current hexie projects is a star like the one you're working on. Mine will be in red and cream (red star points, cream background with a green/red/cream center). I can't wait to see your other stars.

Mariella said...

Oh my you have been very busy! and all the projects are just fabulous!! I'm intrigued by them all - but the "Passion" project....really excites me and little extra you've got me thinking about making it!!! Oh but they are all wonderful! the stars are new to me and look very happy! and the zipper bag, I could really use some of those - is there a place online that provides instructions for making them? Keep up the great work!!

tubakk said...

Thank you all for nice comments! May be I should make a tutorial on this hexie zipper bag? I've already started the hexies for a new one.

2ne said...

WOW, love your work in blue and green - lovely.
Great easter