Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Wall Hanging

Did you remember my Valentine´s project with hearts? It has slowly turned into spring wall hanging quilt.  But I really like the colour combination and it´s great for Easter - Sping decoration. White areas are free motion quilted, so the flowers and the hearts are almost 3D.

The quilt was made to fit under the shelf in the dining area. It´s really yummy.

There is still one heart left, so I decided to make a simple bag with it. I´m going to share the result with you.


tubakk said...

Really spring, this one. Congratulations with the finish.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! I love the picture with it hanging under the shelf. What a great place for it. Does this mean you have to make three more, one for each season? =) Look forward to seeing that bag, too.

verpa said...

Thanks a lot for you comments. So far I have just two little quilt for this place - this one and Cristmas one. And yes - you were right, I would like to make at least two more.

Mariella said...

It's lovely!!
Very Bright and Sunny!!
Just hangin' there,
Waitin' for the Easter Bunny!!