Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Whoop Whoop I've found my way in!

Many thanks to Susan for opening the door here and letting me in for a chat ~

Below is my April Hexi BOM 2014 and the good news is,
that it's almost May and the next months block should be
released shortly!  yeahhh!

I haven't chatted on here before, so maybe I should introduce myself.
My names Lyn and my day job is to devise and make tactile educational resources for visually impaired children.
I have always been creatively inclined and the job I have allows me to use most of the skills I have picked up, so I'm lucky I know.
I make everything from brailled, tactile reading books, 3D models, pre school toys to Topic Boxes - sheer hell as you can imagine lol

On the basis that professional therapy is blummin' expensive,
I thankfully, manage my therapeutic needs by being creatively busy
 - well okay,
the evening ( 'sundowners' ) gin and tonics help a bit too!

I contracted hexi-itus early last year after seeing SO many wonderful hexi quilts online and at shows.
It struck me down with a vengeance and now I leer at dresses that walk past me, thinking if I could get my hands on the fabric,
what fabulous hexis I could make from it them!
I dare say that's one of the symptoms right?
Gosh I hope so, otherwise it might mean I'm going crazy!!

I began making a quilt in scrappy hexis, 42 across the width and got about 3' done and then packed up to move house.
Now I'm happily in the new home -
 I have absolutely NO IDEA where that hexi UFO is!
Realistically it should be here somewhere,
but I haven't been able to find it,
so I have had to start over again with a new design.

I have started at the centre this time, not sure if that's the best way to do it, but I'm not following a pattern as such, so will see where it takes me.
I'm using batiks and white on white pathways, here's a few more

I am using some of the hexi soupcon shapes that I saw on Karen's blog
Fairies and Fibres, for the top of the bed area at least.
But I hope to let the fabrics I use suggest to me, what to do next.
Here's a few more ~

I will nip back in and update you on how it's going later, but your more than welcome to drop in to see what else I'm involved in making or to see my Jan/Feb/Mar BOMs too at ~

Happy hexing folks : )



Anonymous said...

What fabulous fabrics and projects. I love the placement in your basket hexagon project. Welcome!

liniecat said...

Many, many thanks : )

Mommmmmm! said...

Oh I LOVE the pink and white in the upper right corner! Beautiful!