Friday, December 26, 2014

Comment Verification

Just so you know, I didn't add comment verification. In fact, my settings say no verification and no moderation for those who sign in with any kind of system - only anonymous is not allowed. I have changed the settings, signed out, come back and put them back to no, no, no, and it STILL will not take it off.

I'm thinking of moving the blog to wordpress, where all my other blogs are. This is the last one that's still on blogspot, and it annoys me.

I don't know whose these are. I only get a picture, and not a source, but aren't they amazing?

And what about this bowl of yumminess?


margaret said...

I had the same trouble but it is all sorted now. Sill do not get notification when you post on desertsky blog. Nice hexies, being a hexie addict have you signed up for the BOM with

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I think everyone who uses Blogger has this issue ... unless they change the location of the commenting box. There's an easy fix ... far more convenient, IMHO, than requiring all our readers to change their reader settings/bookmarks. I blogged about it here.

liniecat said...

Ive missed out on the problem lol didn't know thered been a commenting problem!
: )
I love the hexis , whosoever they belong to!

Julierose said...

Oh now that's a bowl of yummies for sure! Love that fussy cut cabbage..Hugs, Julierose

A Nudge said...

Sometimes I just need to clear the cache in the browser or delete the cookies, restart and then all is fine.

Gorgeous hexie stars and cut pieces.