Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hello to all you hexagon fans out there!  I am thrilled to be included in your hexagon adventures.  (You can see all my hexagon travels on my blog at Julierose quilts)

Here is the beginning of my "Monet's City" piece. 
And here is a little about thie background of this piece: Many years ago I used a different method for making those 1/2 hexagons:  I sewed two long strips together and then placed my freezer paper hexagons with two points right on that pressed open seam.  I had taken notes about  this method from an old Quilter's Newsletter Magazine (can't recall which one) and thought I'd give it a try.

(I had traced out a whole freezer paper of hexagons and stapled three sheets together and hand cut them--yikes). 

Now I have this wonderful die:

My Accuquilt GO!BABY makes one pass and gives me 24 fabric pieces and 8 paper ones that fit perfectly.  So much easier--These happen to be hexagons with 1" per side. 

Here's what I did in 40 minutes yesterday afternoon:

These will be added to my piece : French writing and waterways around the "City"...
I am now doing quite a bit of this:
(excuse the well-worn ironing board cover there!)
I am anxious to see all of your hexagon works and to add my humble attempts to learn as I go along on my travels in Hexagonia. 
Hugs to all, Julierose, La Blageuse


tubakk said...

A lovely and different half hexagon project. I have to try it some day.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of your Monet piece. Having seen many of his paintings when an exhibit came to the US, I can see what you are striving for and look forward to watching it develop.

Sarah said...

Welcome to hexagon alley! Sewing two strips together is clever but then again, so is using the accuquilt! Looks like you accomplished a lot yesterday!

A Nudge said...

Welcome, Julierose. Love your EPP so far.

Julierose said...

Thank you all for your welcoming and encouraging comments. I will post more on how I put those rows together yesterday and ironed more (!!) hexies to prep my hand work tonight. Hugs, Julierose