Thursday, November 13, 2014


Here is my very first hexagon piece; all hand done (except for sewing binding and borders on of course). DH asked that I hang it in our living room as he really likes it ! 
 It doesn't even have a name-- way back in the 1980's that I made this one. You can see where I picked it up a few years ago and had run out of that lovely pink for the pathways--I still like it!  ;--)))
 I had a kit that I used to take to a local lovely historic park overlooking the ocean and DH and I would sit..... and I would sew.... and he would watch the shipping with his binoculars under the trees.  Lovely memories --perhaps I should call it "Sea Flowers" and make a label.... is how my  current piece-- Monet's City is coming along:

I have all the center rows put together, but I would like to expand this piece by adding rosettes around it.  I will have to figure out a configuration that will fit--perhaps half-rings??
Anyone have any suggestions for me...???

And here is my little kit--right now being used for basting the French writing and water hexies that I have ironed (yesterday).  I will need to cut some more I am sure (you GO!BABY! lol).

(I got that little labeler for my Birthday this year from DH..) .Sooo, I have been quite busy on this one...Come and visit to see what else I am working on at my blog.  

I am truly happy to be a part of your group where I am seeing absolutely stunning hexagon quilts....hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


tubakk said...

I love to see your Monet's City. And you old hexie quilt is really sweet. Super that you found and finished it at last.

Julierose said...

Thanks Tubakk! I have to figure out how to add to it--medallion style...hugs, Julierose

ann-theres said...

da kann ich nur noch wow sagen wunderschne Arbeiten
liebe Grüße
anna aus Germany (Bavaria)

Diane said...

Gorgeous! I kind of like that the pinks are different. I love the story too. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love that your husband wants it hanging in the living room!

A Nudge said...

I shall name you Speedy Julie. How neat you already have one to hang. Still working on my first one.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Love your hexie quilt ... and that your hubby wants it hanging. I hope that one day I'll have my first hexie quilt hanging (it's still in progress - it's my road trip project).

barbara woods said...

Love them dear, hugs

liniecat said...

A really delightful quilt, with its own provenance where it rested till you came back to it : )

Sue G Johnson said...

Love your hexie projects!