Friday, July 25, 2014

Hexagon Gift

I was in It's Sew Mary Jane, a nearby quilt shop which has just moved across the street from it's old location. While there, I was chatting with another shopper about scraps and she said she'd finished a GFG and never intended to make another hexagon project ever.

Of course, I mentioned that I have three in different sizes going on and love to do them. She informed me that she had a bag of papers at home and asked if I wanted them. Not being as dumb as a rock, I said of course. She left right that minute, drove home, got them and returned with them in about 15 minutes. Talk about wishes being fulfilled! She handed me a gallon baggie filled with ... well here, look.

The Bag:


What's inside:


There are, at rough estimate, 2000 paper pieces, some never used. These are all one inch hexagons. There are also 25 plastic ones with the hole in the middle and the straw, unopened. Additionally, 3 plastic hexagon templates to cut my own, in different sizes. I guess I'm going to have a fourth project, made with the size that 50% of our poll respondents prefer!

On top of that, I broke down and ordered more 1-1/4" and 2" papers for two of my projects. So there WILL be more hexagons coming forth soon. In fact, on Thursday afternoon (was that just YESTERDAY?), I basted six of one and half a dozen of another for flowers to show next Wednesday. Finally!


tubakk said...

Lucky you! But I can't understand that people will stop making hexies when they first have started. I said that too, but soon after I had to buy new papers to make more.

liniecat said...

symbolic 'pennies from heaven' lol
its not just a myth then!
Lucky you!!

Sarah said...

What a lovely gift!