Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Everybody is making so many lovely projects

And I'm still just making my 'petals'!  So I have NOT posted - but now I feel I must make an accounting of myself!  Not long ago someone posted their Hexagon Project Box.  Last weekend I covered a Cream Cheese box and thought of putting pens in it.  Then it occurred to me....Hexagon or 'Petal' box!!!

so here I'll show my new little pretty box.  I do apologize for not being a better photographer.....

Now here is my 'Petal' collection to date:

These are the neutrals......I don't really like brown and beige all that much.......

These are patterned fabric 'petals' - mostly from my scrap bag.

This is my little box a Purplish 'Petals'  I definitely need more of these, I LOVE purple!

These are my warms and my cools.

And lastly these are my greens in lite, medium and dark......that will be employed in my project of my mind!

just to refresh the memories of anyone interested: this is a small mock-up of what I'm trying to accomplish.....a color wash perhaps of lite to dark green background hexies with flowers of different colors running throughout.  This photo is just a small sample of what I'm trying to make.  When I really make the project it will be much larger and go from very light greens to very dark greens gradually across the quilt on the diagonal.  I am in the process of amassing as many green 'petals' in all shades of green as I possibly can for extreme diversity and scrappiness.  Also what I want is dark flowers on the light green part - medium shade flowers on the medium green part and then light flowers on the dark green part.  Oh I sure hope I'm making myself clear, 'cuz I'm not too sure if I am!!


CJ said...

Very impressive! I am overwhelmed by the number hexies you have prepared. I really like your color wash of greens in the background.

verpa said...

What a great collection!

tubakk said...

I'm overwhelmed by your collection and your order. I never manage to make many before I sew them together.

Mariella said...

Thanks everyone! I do plan to sew some petals together at some point! I have a few already done but thought I needed more variety in my greens.

liniecat said...

where abouts do you live?
- cough cough -
if those hexis should disappear it might be me that took them!!
Fabulous : )
love the little covered box too!

Mariella said...

Oh now I have to keep my secrets!!! and thanks for the kindnesses!!! the box was real fun and fairly simple to do. I'll be making more - petals and boxes!!!

You see I like to call my petals my 'little treasures' and now my pretty box can be a 'Treasure Chest'......and that makes me a pirate!!! So I'm keeping my whereabouts secret!!!!

Chantal said...

Do you cut your fabric by hand or do you have a Go-baby? I just can't believe the amount of prepared hexies you have. Amazing!! Are they all for the same project? Do you always prepared all the petals before starting the project? I am awestruck!!

Mariella said...


Yes, I cut the fabric by hand and the paper hexagons that I wrap the fabric around too. I only have the Green Project in mind right now but I have about half a million other ideas blooming in my head. I'm trying to get rid of my scrap bag with hexagons and also collecting green fabrics to build up a very diverse amount of all shades of green. My stash is very large and I'm also trying to cut a bit of each fabric for my hexagons. This is something I do when in the evenings I sit with my husband and watch TV. I see it as a life long way to keep my hands busy. I don't spend any one huge amount of time on it, just little increments at TV time and other times that I find myself waiting for one thing or another. I have a kit for my purse and now my 'Treasure Chest' for home. Also my quilt group meeting twice a week, so I take this along to work on.

A Nudge said...

Wow! That's a whole lot of petals!
Love the mock-up

Katarina said...

Vilken samling hexagoner du gjort iordning! Ser ut att bli något mycket fint av dem!