Saturday, June 28, 2014


Well, hollidays begin and this is the best time to make hexa-snowflake. It´s my new summer project. I have white and blue cotton so it is two-colours project. This is the center and I really want to make 100 hexies every week. I am going to post wip report every Monday. Still no idea about the pattern, but I hope to finish all quilt till winter.


A Nudge said...

I can see these in the reverse coloring too. Great idea, Verp

Mommmmmm! said...


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! 100 a week ... wow, you are ambitious. Or I'm a slug. =) Some weeks 7 is a major milestone for me ... okay, most weeks!

verpa said...

Thanks for your comments!
A Nudge: Yes, but I have more white fabrics, so that´s the reason
cq4fun: I am a teacher, so now I have 2 months holidays. Last weeks were very busy so I´m looking forward to do some stiching.