Thursday, June 12, 2014

300+ hexagons

My weekly success was working my way through all those papers I cut, and basted 300+ hexagons (thank goodness for the new season of Orange is the New Black!*). I also made quite the dent in my precut fabric, which is good, because I was starting to get tired of looking at it. That actually might become my biggest challenge - to not get tired of working on the same shape all the time. I might start another quilt just to give myself some variety. Is that cheating?

*I totally binge watched the entire season. I am also watching Restoration Home (a BBC show I can only find on youtube) and am enjoying it immensely.


Vera said...

wow. I would have hard time to count them all. Not to mention to make them :-)

Anonymous said...

That is not cheating! I have CQ projects, embroidery, 3 hexagon projects that rotate, and innumerable quilting projects going on at the same time!

Yay on getting 300+ basted and ready to go! They look so nice sitting in there, ready to become something fabulous.