Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hexagon Time

If you are at all like me, and you must be somewhat, because 13 of us are authors on this blog, and making hexagon projects, then you've gotten distracted recently in the pursuit of hexagon finishes.  I know Marcia finished a project (yay, Marcia!), and that's encouraging.

So here's a challenge, first of all for me, and then to the rest of you.  Let's get back on it!

Angel, I also thought you might make an outside row or two of hexagons with a darker green path, or even a gray or rust, like paving stones around the garden, if you need it bigger.  I loved your picture.

Christine, have we seen a picture of your project yet?

Actually, maybe we should all write a post about where we are - sort of an update over the last few months!

Buying a house put me behind, but I'm beginning to catch up.  What put you behind this summer?


Mommarock said...

I started a second hexagon quilt.. and now another quilt.. but my problem at the moment is my thumb. I began making a bunch of circles, and the stitching has caused pain in my thumb joint. I think it is from the repetitive motion... I hope. I've never had this problem before. Anyone? Remedies would be FAB!!

JoQuilter said...

Susan, your quilt will be beautiful. But half inch hexagons, you are crazy! Actually, anyone, including myself, who makes large hexagon quilts is somewhat crazy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, that's not mine! That's Christine's! Beautiful, but I don't have that kind of patience. 3/4" is about right for me. I'm thinking I might make one with the really big hexes!