Friday, January 2, 2015

Reposted from my Desertsky Quilting Blog, just so you know my plan!

We don't have a blog button, there are no linky pages involved, but there is one blog page for the Studio Organizing Challege spearheaded by Shelly at Prairie Moon Quilts. She's the one who sponsors the 350 Block Challenge, too.

Each Thursday, Shelly will post an organizing task for the next week. There's nothing to sign up for, you report only if you feel like leaving a comment. That's pretty laid back.

The first one has all the details about the challenge and this week's specific goal. The goal is to Organize your oldest UFO. At first, I thought I'd have to go through all of them and think about which is oldest. Then I realized that of the ones I have with me here in Tennessee, the oldest one is my original hexagon quilt.

I started this the summer of 1987, I think. I was on a trip with my older sister and we stopped at a quilt shop in small town, New Mexico on the way home. I remember buying a fabric that had small cows on it there, and that's in the quilt. I had already started a flower or two before our drive across Texas from El Paso almost all the way to Louisiana. She was going to a conference on drug addicted babies and children. It was an interesting trip.

I worked on it periodically during the five years Paul and I traveled the country. I picked it up again a couple of years ago for a little while. Here's where I left it in 2013:


I have a pile of flowers finished, but I need a lot more of these:


For the challenge, we don't have to finish it. We just have to organize it - or give it away, or whatever we'd like to do with it. If we're going to finish it, we need to get all the pieces we have together, and fine what else we need in order to finish.

So there, I know where everything is. I have all the pieces in one place. It's my oldest UFO other than my bicentennial quilt, and that I don't have with me, and may never see again. Too bad, it was a good plan and it's in a box of 1970s fabrics I bought to use. The kind Keepsake was selling a couple of years ago as repros!

Anyway, I think I've met that goal! Now what to do about it? I decided that I can meet my goal of working on hexagons this year AND my goal to finish this into a table runner or wall hanging or something semi-useful by working on it every UFO weekend until it's finished. So that's the plan.

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