Monday, August 4, 2014

July's Hexies

I am sure I got the 8 hours in for July.  I added bigger hexies (2 1/4") to make a scrap quilt of flowers. I am also still working on the small hexie flowers in pink.

Here are pics of what I accomplished and will now take a count of the hours I did.

I made each of these and pieced them together. So that's 6 hours for the flowers and + 1 hour to put them together.

I got 2 of the smaller hexie flowers done in July. So that's another 2 hours.

So I did 6+1+2= 9 hours!  

Awesome...considering I had to pack up our house to get it ready to sell...

Had a small flood in the basement to deal with...  I am happy with my hexie accomplishments this month.


tubakk said...

Hexies are slow work, and you've done a lot this month. Lovely small hexies, how big are they?

liniecat said...

Good on you for doing ANY hexis at all, with having to pack a house up to sell !
Great flowers : )

Anonymous said...

Packing to move and you got in an extra hour? Great work! I love your house. I'll bet it sells soon. I like the new project you are doing, too. 2.25" will go fast!