Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday Hexagon

I know you won't be nearly as excited as I am by today's hexagon post. I found some of the black fabric I need!

I'm telling you, it really pays to do your taxes! th-1 Or at least prepare to do them. On the shelf of papers I was cleaning off were two of my terrific candy tins I'd forgotten about and, in one of them, were all the black and white fabrics I was using for this quilt. Well, not all of them, but enough to finish this as a table runner, I think!


And in case you forgot what "this" is, or are new to the blog, here's the project:



tubakk said...

Soon there, so keep up the good work. Good you found the fabrics. May be we can see a finished top next week?

Mariella said...

Glad to hear about your great find!! Yes, it pays to pay your taxes!!! Or at least Prepare your taxes!! I'll be interested to see the final product. Thanks for sharing!

A Nudge said...

Susan, I love it! What a colorful hexie project. Hope to see it (this post will do) on Hexie Weekend!