Friday, August 9, 2013


Thank you for letting me join this fantastic group! I had been toying around with the idea of starting a hexagon quilt and in the process, I found this blog. I read it from start to finish, and after that I was hooked. I had been bit by the hexie bug and I needed to make one!

I dove in on the day I started to have timeable contractions for my fourth baby. I wanted something to do with my hands that would keep my mind calm. Bonus, it gave me something to do at the hospital while we waited to go home.

3 months later and I have just under 900 hexagons completed. I have several flowers done as well. I love handwork, so it is perfect for me to do while the baby is nursing, while traveling, and while I am waiting at my older kids activities.

I am not really following a pattern. I am mostly using my scraps up, plus I put out a call on facebook to my friends, looking for their scraps. Recently we went to visit my family out of state and my Grandma gave me full access to her fabric stash! I am thinking I want to be at about 3,000 hexagons to make a good size snuggle quilt (I am doing 1" hexagons). I know that "Snuggle" is not a size, but in our house, all quilts are for snuggling, and when you are a family of 6, you need ample blanket to go around. :)

My older girls like to play with the hexagons like they are puzzles or create flowers for me to sew together. One day, when this quilt is done, there will be a lot of memories tied into it.

My girls, Ella and Thea playing with the hexagons

Ana, 3 months old, and 3 months of hexagons (881)

Playing around with arrangement. I am pretty sure I am going to stick to a rainbow wash like this. It just makes me happy, and that is what counts, right?
Thanks again!


verpa said...

Great three months! I also love "no pattern" way and your rainbow is pretty.

Kylie Lloyd said...

Hello back. It's so nice to see the hexagon addiction take hold of others

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the baby surrounded by hexagons! Your colorwash idea looks great to me! Welcome to the group.

Nadine said...

Oh, your kids are SO CUTE, playing with hexies! LOVE, LOVE your "rainbow wash" layout and it's very inspiring. THANKS, dear!


margaret said...

some beautiful girls you have and love the baby amongst the hexies, colours beautiful too

tubakk said...

Oh, what an inspiration! Welcome to the group.