Friday, July 12, 2013


Hello, dear hexies friends ! My name is Nadine, I'm 61, married, mother of 4 and grandmother of 2 and we're livng part time in Belgium and Spain, since our retirement last year.

I'm quilting for more than 18 years, and I'm a handpiecer/handquilter, no matter how long it takes (and, boy, it sometimes takes loooong!) My favourite quilts are the scrappy ones, with a vintage look. Of course I love EPP (aaah, those hexies!), so easily portable and with such accurate results!

As many quilter friends, I have to confess that I'm (very) easily distracted with new projects/patterns... which leads to a growing pile of UFO's! But, after all, who cares - as long as we're having fun?

Some weeks ago, however, I decided to sort out those UFO's, and I found a lovely box filled with 3/4" hexie flowers that really, really deserved coming back on my working table... When I saw this blog, while browsing through the Web, I thought it would be a good idea being part of such a cheerful, inspirational team, and so here I am now, with those hexie flowers, that I'm planning to piece without any "path" between them, in order to get that "mosaic" effect that I love so much.
Enjoy your sewing, dear friends !  Until next time ;>)

NADINE ("Friendship Threads" blog)


margaret said...

tiny hexies here looking good must have a go sometime as I recently got a set of hexies from half inch to 5 incehes and a friend is sending me more from 5.5 to 9" think the big ones will be used more at first to get going!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Nadine! Your flowers are so colorful and lovely. I look forward to seeing how they go together!

tubakk said...

Welcome, Nadine. So cute hexies, and I hope you'll show us as these flowers grow to a quilt.

Kylie Lloyd said...


Mommmmmm! said...

I love the fabrics in this.