Friday, August 19, 2011

Mea culpa

After starting this blog community to encourage myself to work on my own hexagon quilt, I have fallen sadly behind this summer.  There's a good reason - I'm buying a house!  I should close on Monday, fingers and toes crossed.  It's been a long frustrating process, but mostly that was my own short-faithedness (is there such a word?)  Everything has worked out exactly as it should, right down to getting wonderful appliances when I just *knew* they'd not get in again the kind I wanted. 

I'm buying used, and this morning she called me and told me they had everything, so I went over, and sure enough, they did!  Black side by side with water/ice in the door, black and white stove, white matching washer dryer.  The kitchen is all white, including the dishwasher, and I'm moderating that with black and will put in a black stone counter-top, because there is a problem with the current one anyway.  Accent with red and stainless appliances.  Can you believe this from the woman who was happy to have her husband cook for almost all their married life?  <smile>  He'd be either shocked or proud, not sure which.

Anyway, all my stitching projects have taken a back seat, and I'm two months behind on every single thing.  My goal is to get into the house and catch up by the end of October.  I think I will, since there will be a dedicated sewing room right next to my master bedroom.  My hexagons will be one of the first things I do, too.

At the same time, I'm changing ISP, so the pictures I had up will have to be put up again with the new numbers for the ISP.  Leave it to me to change everything at once!

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