Sunday, April 10, 2011

So Far - Hexagon Doll Quilt

It was a challenge. I was showing my scrappy queen size hexagon quilt with 4982 (3/4") hexagons ,when the doll quilt chair at the guild meeting made a side comment saying maybe "Jo" would make a hexagon doll quilt for them. Well, that was just too much of a challenge to pass up.

I decided it would be scrappy and made with the 1" hexagons. Then, when putting them together I forgot to count so it is going to be a rectangle instead of a square. Why does my brain keep taking vacations?


Mommarock said...

Love it! I love how you are alternating the dark and light scrappy rows. It looks wonderful.. and you seem to be cruzin thru it! I've hit a speed bump with mine. Made up some wrong size templates (dunderhead). And then I cut my fabric to those wrong size templates.. ugh. Luckily I have some wonderful friends helping me to fix my flub. It is the loss of the fabric that hur to much that they are helping me to replace.. I hate to waste beautiful fabric, Susan from this blog had the wonderful idea to use the hexagons that have a tiny seam in my sheets and pillowcases. They won't go to waste, and they will make my linens match with my quilt. She is such a dear friend!

Donna said...

I had never thought of adapting the furrows pattern for a hexie quilt! And, it actually looks more like furrows than the 4 patch version.

Ummm... that is what you were looking for, I hope?

I like the play of the colors, too.

Your brain took no vacation - I think the proportions look great!

Anonymous said...

That's a great doll quilt, and I love the furrows pattern. I haven't seen one done that way before. Looks perfect as a rectangle. What is the pattern on the big one?