Saturday, February 5, 2011

THANKS SUSAN for helping me to find this place!

This is my current project.there are 583 hexs at 2" per side. I have been at this since May of 2009, and I promised myself to have the top done by May of 2011! All that is left is to attach the border, all by hand...When border is done, it is my intention to hand quilt this...
any ideas would be greatly appreciated.....also--how or what would one do for binding? I am only accustomed to doing that by machine?!?!?

That said, I have begun making hexs a bit smaller at 3/4 " on one side...I think I will make a design of some sort...and I am in no hurry....and have not set a time frame...maybe later on! :)


Mommarock said...

I am LOVING seeing your border! LOVE it.. I now know how I am going to do the border of my whole quilt.. Oh thank you!! This looks fantastic!! Love it! Yippee.. I am going to copy this.. whoo hoo.. I don't have to make all those little triangles for along the side.

desertskyquilts said...

It looks great! I hope you'll put up the new hexies, even not put together, so we can see the colors. Since you already have the hex templates, what about drawing a hexagon that goes from center point to center point through a group of hexes?

dq said...

Several years ago I fixed and hand quilted someone's grandmother's hexagon quilt. I added the border much the same way as you did because I knew I wouldn't do a good job of binding without a nice straight edge, and didn't want to hand piece half hexies. I simply hand appliqued the border behind the hexi edge. I then put a normal binding on it.

Your quilt is so BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing.

Donna said...

Your colors are so good! I love the way the pink pops out at you from both the dark and the light colors.

3/4 hexies are fun to do with scraps because you can use up smaller scraps that aren't big enough for other projects, like the ones left over from this quilt! Please post your design when you come up with it?